New Banjo album Number 3 released!
DECEMBER 30th 2023
And in far less auspicious news a month later, me and Scott's ridiculous project Banjo has once again released an album in accordance with our every-eight-years policy.

Scott came over for a couple of hours and I just hit record and let him barf out riffs until he had to leave, most of it ended up being empty tracks because we kept running our mouths and catching up. A few weeks later I took what he'd done and pieced the riffs into songs, then added bass and drums. The lyrics and vocals were done today and yesterday and now it's a release tethered to my name for the rest of time or until this website's server dies.

You can listen to it and get it for some reason here! As always, more to come (just not from Banjo for a while, like 96 months or so.)

New album Lifelike Sounds released!
NOVEMBER 30th 2023
As I mentioned back in April I finished building a soundproof space earlier this year, and for the first time in my entire life I could write and record as loud as I wanted whenever any inspiration hit me rather than having to find stolen moments to work around neighbors / roommates / noise ordinances.

This album "Lifelike Sounds" is the first result of that and it's now released -- if you like 80s-tinged alt rock songs about coming to terms with old demons while you're courting new ones, you'll have a good time. Listen to it and get it here.

Thank you! More to come.

Site update
NOVEMBER 3rd 2023
Oh look it's everyone's favorite type of post here, a website code update! Really though, you should be happier about it because it makes browsing this site much simpler.

Before, you'd click on a category toggle and it would populate a grid with the related items. Then you'd click on one of those items to open a pop-up with information about and links to that item. You could populate multiple categories together and it was animated and all very technically impressive to look at. It was also an overwhelming and confusing blob of vague info when you had more than one category open, and sometimes even if you only had one open. There simply wasn't enough room in the grid boxes to clearly communicate what you were looking at. Even if you knew exactly what you were looking for, good luck sifting through the truncated descriptions when they're chessboarded among and all around each other.

In the new setup I've done away with the grid entirely. Now you open a category and there's a list of all the related items with far more room to describe what's being represented. You find what you want, click on it and you're taken to that item's information and links. It's also far friendlier to a Control-F if you've got something in mind you're looking for, it uses way less Javascript overhead, and it's immeasurably easier for me to update and edit, so hooray for everyone. Over the next few weeks during spare time I'll clean up the underlying code, improve the presentation (font sizes, etc) and fine-tune the categories for the new approach.

Good night to The 45s and hello again to The NOLA Treblemakers!
OCTOBER 23rd 2023
Did you know there are other bands called The 45s out there? Like, a lot of them? I found out thanks to a friendly yet assertive message from one of them. I swear I did more than my share of looking this stuff up back in 2021 when I decided to change the name from The Monochromes and I didn't find anything. And yet here we are with all these other The 45s popping up in searches, all registered years and years ago.

That and a couple of unfortunate associations was enough to necessitate another name change for the band which is now, as it once was from 2010 to 2018 and should have always been, The NOLA Treblemakers; because sometimes you get it right the first time. Of course any of you that were at our Rougarou Fest set yesterday already knew this. New site, logo, stickers and shirts to come!

QFG Clock utility
OCTOBER 2nd 2023
This continuously polls your system clock and returns what time of day would appear in the Quest For Glory / Hero's Quest games. Useful as a programming exercise and not much else, I still enjoy having it running and you might too.

Guess The Animal "game"
JULY 27th 2023
Guess The Animal! A time-honored tradition going back many years now, one that invokes the human tendency of call-and-response, making it almost a study in instinct.

Guess The Animal! Some would call it a tool for accruing useful knowledge; indeed, a volley of rounds already begins to lay down the brain's roadwork for building a mental encyclopedia of wildlife, a fount of knowledge via game that may one day even come to be the difference between life and death in a survival situation.

Guess The Animal! Once only playable in the real world with hosts of vast knowledge, but now, finally, available to be enjoyed at your modern leisure in digital format.

Yes, the day has come, you can now play the iconic and classic game of Guess The Animal in your web browser! It will certainly provide you with hours of deep entertainment, and is definitely not a simple programming exercise utilizing a really stupid joke I used to irritate people with.

To-Do List utility
JULY 25th 2023
A lot's going on behind the scenes with different projects -- actually so much that I needed to find a way to organize them better, so I programmed a very barebones to-do list for myself. The current version supports 18 items and saving / loading the list text. Clicking the checkbox toggles it from black to green to red to the background color, and then back to black. It's like a step above using a txt file but enough of a step that I'm happier using it than Notepad for this purpose.

As with all my utilities I make regardless of how specific the use-case may be, just in case you may find use for it I've made it available for you to download or use in-browser.

Annnd we're back!
APRIL 27th 2023
Oh hello there! I didn't see you come in. I've been busy building a room behind my house the last eight months, it's done now. There's about to be waaay more new stuff getting made and put out for you than I've been able to for the last few years. Actually there already is some! Let's catch up.

Under the hood, the website's been migrated to a new host after almost 20 years of living as a sub-site of my friend's Worlord.com server space. I'd been meaning to do that for years now and finally got around to it, because I always felt bad bothering him every time there was an issue or needed to upload a database. Much of it will remain up on the server for legacy links (mainly old Black Lodge 2600 coverage), but the site you're currently soaking in is all on A2 Hosting now, who I can recommend so far in case you were checking the market for a host yourself.

To figure out how databases work now that I have access to them here, I've brought back the forum which has been around in one form or another since 2003. I migrated all the posts from the different incarnations of it too, even the ancient Proboards ones, so old-school members will have access to those sections if you somehow still remember your password (if you don't, just email me and I'll change it to something you can sign in under). I have no idea if there's even a use for a tiny forum like this in 2023 but I've never been shy of sprinting at potential dead ends, so for anyone who wants to post something that the whole audience will definitely see for a change, there it is.

This year I started making short promo videos of the flyers for upcoming shows, some with new music I wrote/recorded specifically for them like a sludgy Happy Birthday (2/4's promo) and a pirate shanty (4/22's promo) so check those out if you haven't come across them in the wild yet.

I also started doing irregular casual song performances for Facebook when the spirits move me, nothing to any kind of schedule beyond my whims but they'll be linked from the videos section too for those who don't use Facebook. Check that periodically, I may crosslink them from the forum as well. So far there are two from last month, "Blue Monday" by Fats Domino and one of my own, "The Cold After The Spotlight".

Back to the Lab (Again)
AUGUST 30th 2022
Will the third time be a charm for Dr. Pinkerton to finally defeat me? This time he's called out Pale Devil Sun to face him on his ridiculous orbiting guitar ship, and once again Mr. Remington joins me in advertising our next appearance on the Escape From The Secret Lab livestream show, which happens to be this Sunday at 8pm!

If you aren't caught up on our Secret Lab saga, I've got you covered:
first promo (April 13th 2021)
first appearance (The Jak Locke Rock Show) (April 18th 2021)
Zom-Beam affliction (broadcast at COG's 25th Anniversary concert) (July 2nd 2021)
second promo (uncut segment) (January 31st 2022)
second appearance (The Jak Locke Rock Show) (February 6th 2022)
third promo (uncut segment) (August 30th 2022)

Counter and Selector utility
AUGUST 23rd 2022
Today I've made a simple utility called Counter and Selector. This counts how many characters and line breaks are in a typed or pasted block of text, and can also randomly choose and display a line.

I use this as a one-stop tool for Abrupt Analysis Arcade: it picks the next game I'm going to play from a list, and also lets me see if my reviews are under the self-imposed 140 character limit as I type them. It's a very specific use-case but you may find it useful too! I just got tired of having to find different sites online with those functions each time the one I was using inevitably started putting intrusive ads up, so I coded my own.

This also adds the Utilities category to the Arcade page where it joins 2013's NPC Factory, as I'm sure this won't be the last tool I design that may have uses for someone beyond myself.

Abrupt Analysis Arcade site overhauled
AUGUST 18th 2022
If you didn't know, Abrupt Analysis Arcade is a collection of very short (140 or less characters) game reviews I started doing on Twitter in 2013, originally as a way to have a record of what I thought of a game after I'd finished playing enough of it to have an opinion, prompted by one too many instances of remembering I'd played something once upon a time but having no memory of if I had enjoyed it or not.

As the number of them grew I put them on the website in the Arcade section, then later give them their own dedicated website. It was unwieldy and I've been meaning to upgrade the layout of Abrupt Analysis Arcade for a few years now. A couple of weeks ago I finally got to it and today it's done! While it's not perfect, trust me that it's far more functional than it was before.

As with all my sites, I'll be refining the design here and there as time goes on and of course adding more reviews as I play more -- I'm about to finish out Playdate's first season and there's 650+ games on my to-play list at the moment. For now there's more than 850 reviews to check out, so if you like other people's opinions, get to it!

The One-Eyed Jacks: Live (2002) reissued
JULY 29th 2022
You know, I said I was done rereleasing old albums for a while. Each reissue so far was something I had deliberately discontinued at some point -- this one's unique because I apparently just plain forgot about it. While rounding up ancient files for the site overhaul I ran across a collection of live recordings I'd released as an album at the end of 2002 that fell between the cracks some 15 or so versions of the site ago.

The One-Eyed Jacks was my group from January through December 2002 that performed mostly in New Orleans and Metairie with a couple of jaunts to Thibodaux and Lafayette here and there. We never recorded a demo or studio album but tape-recorded almost every show, so after the last performance I had put together the best recordings of the set's songs and released it on MP3.com. As you may have noticed, MP3.com hasn't been a thing for a very long time, as in people have been born and graduated high school in the time since MP3.com was a place for bands to put their MP3s.

Of note in the band was Shane Michaels on bass who played on a ton of my early albums and who I did a club residency with for a few months just recently-ish in 2019. Now the live collection's back up on Bandcamp and you can hear what we were up to, good lord, 20 years ago.

All-new site design
JULY 12th 2022
Twenty-five's a big number for a website's version!

Today marks the release of the most drastic overhaul in this website's history. Under the hood it had become an unruly rat's nest of competing legacy codes from various design paradigms and experiments, some of which had somehow made it through a couple dozen sieves since 2001. I finally had enough, so it all had to go. Then I started from a blank page and over the past 20 days built the current version with new approaches and a strict focus on simplicity, clarity of operation, and logical grouping. No more endless guideless scrolling, no more vague hovering menus, no more "This doesn't really belong anywhere on the site so here it is" sloppy apologia headings -- but don't worry, I kept the pixel-art icons I made in 2002.

The majority of the site's content now operates on a uniform three-part system: buttons, grids, and modals. Push the button to see that category of items you want to see, then pick an item to open a modal window with all the information and relevant links to that item. To my reckoning, it's as simplified as it could possibly be to handle as wide a span of disparate media and projects as I try to have this site serve. While I know way better at this point than to say it's the final form of the site forever, it's way closer to what I've always wanted it to be functionally than it's ever been before. Go, see for yourself! I'll be over here, looking at anything that isn't HTML, CSS or Javascript.