August 27th 2004 (FRI)
New Orleans, LA :: Fair Grinds Coffeehouse

Jak Locke: vocals, harmonica, guitar

Gallows (On My Mind)
Cellophane Atmosphere
Crux Of March
Deuce Of Swords
4th Time Around (Bob Dylan)
Tangled Up In Blue (Bob Dylan)
I'm Feeling Generic
Jackass (Beck)
Raining Song
Nobody's Fault But My Own (Beck)
Scorched Porch Lights
Approaching Tide
Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Bob Dylan)
Time To Get Gone One Last Time
Lovely Apollyon
Static (Beck)
Hemlock Ambrosia
Crux Of March
Devils' Prophesy
Tick Tock
Chemical Soul
Down On My Luck
Talkin Sobriety Test Blues
Mr. Siegal (Tom Waits)