September 2nd 2012 (SUN)
New Orleans, LA :: The Allways Lounge

Jak Locke: +vocals, =piano, *guitar
Remy Duguet: stand-up bass
Hannah Krieger-Benson: =trumpet, *piano, ^vocals
Thugsy Da Clown: banjo, #vocals
Doctor Sick: %vocals, fiddle, toy piano, melodica

+=#%Pure Imagination (Gene Wilder)
+*Sweet Transvestite (Richard O'Brien)
+*#Hell (Squirrel Nut Zippers)
+*Bad Things (Jace Everett)
+=God's Away On Business (Tom Waits)
*^Bei Mir Bistu Shein (Jacob Jacobs / Sholom Secunda)
%*Rusty Trombone (Doctor Sick)
^*Gin House Blues (Nina Simone)
#+*Tonight You Belong To Me (Billy Rose / Lee David)
+*Red Right Hand (Nick Cave)
%*When I Get Low I Get High (Ella Fitzgerald)
+=Formidable Marinade (Mikelangelo)