The Wet Food: A Creepypasta by L.T.
a creepypasta by L.T.

How long I've been in this state, I can not know or tell or say. All I can say is that it's been a few days now. Maybe my new found ability to record my thoughts in this manner will serve as a warning to my brother to not go the routes I chosen to go and I wished, I wish now that my dark days had never begun from that one fatefull choice I'd made four days ago when this all began.

My brother and I had been fighting again when I noticed that the food that was left for us had been placed without my knowing it. This was very strange because I always know when its food time, indeed, I often have to herald it my own self. Maybe we had been fighting so with such so intensity that I had forgotten to notice. Anyways, there it was.

I stopped my fightious battle with my brother and walked over to it, excited because even in the shadows of the unlighted rooms, I could see a gleam from it. This was no dry food or kibble -- this had to be The Wet Food. I jogged over to it and my brother followed but being older as he was, he seemed to sense perhaps that perhaps something was amiss. He stopped. I was puzzled but kept in my pursuit of the food to the bowl where it sat. He had been right to stop.

Suddenly I was entransed by a strange feeling. It didn't smell right but it allured me closer to its existing. "Stop," my brother said. But I couldn't, I just stared transfixed at it.

"This," he said, "is not" he continued "the Wet Food we know." I could hear him, and my mind screamed at me to go back to the other room, to my favorite spot on the round thing, but no, some demon from the very bottoms of hell itself had caresed my mind and now was drawing me into this abomination of Wet Food mockery.

"I know" I said, or I should say, I tried to say, but the words died in my mouth like an ant being stepped on.

"NO!" my brother shouted, and I wondered why, until I realized I was eating the Wet Food, which I should refer to from here as the Anti-Wet Food. He ran screaming from the room which began to shrink all around me. Agony wreacked my body as I realized I was growing larger and my bones were twisting themselves into new shapes and my hair fell off. I mercilessly passed out from the pain.

I have awakened up to a strange new world. I am one of Them now. I cannot no longer understand my brother's words, and I believe he cannot understand mine. My hairless skin is flabby and blotchy, and I am driven by strange alien desires that I know I will never shake -- I feel the need to keep score of my place in life against the rest of Them.

Suddenly I realized I was no longer reliant on Them for my sustenance. I went to the cabinets I'd seen so many times before and fumbled with the Great Feeding Implement to open all of the cans of Wet Food I could grab in my new clumsy hands. Hours later, I finally opened two of them and discovered the greatest horror of all...

...I no longer enjoyed The Wet Food.

The End