April 5th 2009
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Flower of Flesh and Bone review
review by: Charles Lucia

Flower Of Flesh And Bone

This album was not what I thought it would be… in a good way! It pretty much tears it up from the opening note till the weird ‘hidden’ extremely dark spoken word thing that closes the album out. Though there are some ‘lighter’ tracks, this is metal in most of its wonderful and varied forms. Sometimes straight ahead, sometimes balladesque, sometimes slightly industrial, sometimes ‘Nu’ or whatever you want to call it. I have always been drawn to the darker (not necessarily faster or more chaotic) side of the genre and probably always will be. With that said, I DIG this! It has a pretty consistent sludginess to it and just enough pedal and synth manipulation to keep it outside of the realm of crappy industrial that isn’t quite industrial enough but not metal enough either. There is an enormous Acid Bath influence all over this (which is one reason I am drawn to it). For a while I thought it might be another incarnation of Dax using a pseudonym, and I’m not yet totally convinced it isn’t. You also have to give the guy props for writing, recording, mixing and producing the entire album. It looks like he did the artwork too.

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