A Church
written by: Jak Locke

from Prismatic Static (April 29th 2002) (2:09)
To me I could care less, everything to me is new
And new things have never been seen before
So why don't you take yourself so I don't see you no more out the door
Get away from me yeah, let me hear the sound of you walkin out the door
And walkin down the street
Talkin to all the sorts of people that you never thought you'd meet

Electronic, plastic, paper, everything is fake
You're talkin about things and you're steppin on a rake
And it flies up and the handle hits you in the face
You're goin around and you're tryin things just to see the taste
You can't see flavor, you can't even hear it
So go on back down and talk to your holy spirit

You wanna tell me things that I already know
All down into you, you're lovin it
You're likin life and you're hatin yourself
Goin plugged into my sockets up inside of my eyes and my irises
And if you don't like it, then I don't want to hear it that you never really knew
You wanna talk about it, don't talk to me, go talk to you

never performed live