A Jaded Face
written by: Jak Locke

from Mood Swing Era (June 9th 2010) (1:53)
Lights out, suffocating
Choke down all your hopes for something better than the past

There is no going home, there is no return
Everything you love will die and so will you

So suffocate, suffocate
The end remains the same in the end
Yeah, yeah

Somewhere someone's taking up the space and someday I will see his face and it will probably be mine
Somewhere someone's got to have a way to make a day be something I can feel was not a waste of time
Somewhere someone's got to have a feeling they can make me feel to feel as though I really should have cared
Somewhere someone's going to the funeral of someone else and one day someone else will go to their's
Go go go go go go go break it down
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 1 2 3 4

never performed live