A Quiet Anger
written by: Jak Locke

from Datura Holiday (September 25th 2001) (3:09)
And people wonder why I smoke
Smoke til I choke and I'm broke like a joke
Ooh, think it's funny, let's laugh, hahaha

Let's play the bass on this, let's play the bass on this
Let's smash your face on this ooh
Just play some shit
Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up or bleed

Big mistake, big mistake, big mistake
Moshing with the door, moshing with the door
Your girlfriend is a whore

(Drum solo!)
(It's actually a guitar solo)
(Yeah, um, something solo, yeah)

Oh feels good like I knew that it would
Keys, I like them, they're metal

Get down! Your woman's mine! No she ain't fine!
I just like to piss you off, piss you off
Pi-pi-pi-piss you off, uh!
I got spit on my pants and now I'm gonna get up and dance

never performed live