Cellophane Atmosphere
written by: Jak Locke

from Brother Sisyphus (September 10th 2004) (4:41)
Rehash, relapse, laying on the grass
Telephone bills and a half tank of gas
And it's nothing, it's not yours, it's nobody's business
The business end's fine til it's pointed at you
In the evening in a sunset the salivating drones
The plastic-faced people who laugh all at once
And it's vicious and it's boring it's a rain-soaked flyer
They paint on the mirror and turn it to you

Violent morons prolific in garbage
Leak to the streets and fly through the air
In the TV in the jukebox, rip up the speakers to cleanse it away
You can feel it, you can steal it, you can chew it for days
And not taste a thing
It's a streetlight in the morning, the forecast is saying
That night never falls, it crashes

Do a rain dance in a hurricane
Plastic and mashed up and all thrown away
And you can't fly and you can't cry
When you've beaten a hole through the side of the wall
It's a meltdown and a silence
It's a beautiful sewerhole calling to you
Take a day off, have a seance and tell everyone
That it's just like they heard

Futility comes in so many colors
Hypocrisy comes in so many colors
Childishness comes in so many colors
Worthlessness comes in so many colors

earliest live performance: May 21st 2004
title taken from a lyric in "Back In Town" (Seed, October 12th 2001)