Coffeehouse Star
written by: Jak Locke

from Seed (October 12th 2001) (3:15)
I got my guitar in my hands, sittin up on stage
The only chords I know are G, C and D so I play them, what to sing about?
I’ll sing about girls that don’t like me and I never could have a chance with
But I throw myself at them anyway because I’m a musician or at least I think I am
And maybe they’ll dig that and if they do maybe they’ll wanna get with me
And they’ll see me playing up on stage and they’re like “Oh My God!
That’s the same guy that I just downed the other day!
But he’s so sexy now because he’s got a guitar and he’s playing all sorts of stuff
And singing, he’s singing, oh he’s singing to me, he must be singing to me!”
Comes out sounding like “ohh”
In a coffeehouse on amateur night or whatever’s going on around, open mike night
Ooooo aahhhh ahhh

I’m playing slowly cuz girls like the slow songs
Gives me a chance to show off the voice I don’t have
"What style do you like?" And you answer “everything”
Liar! Or maybe you do
So I think that I’ll do my favorite thing and scream at the top of my lungs right now
So nobody can understand my words
I’m singin
I like to go right down to the glass where I get my fill of stuff
And then I just don’t know anymore
You wanna tell me what I’m goin through
But you got nothin on me now
So close your eyes and punch your jaw
Yow come on!
La la la la la..... oh I could really care less and that’s a fact

never performed live