Coquette Cocotte
written by: Jak Locke

from The Renovated Enervated (July 20th 2002) (3:03)
I don’t claim to have an understanding
And from the view I’ve got, it seems it’s gonna stay that way
Unknowingly I’ve bargained down my dignity
Coyly Babylon, she slipped away

Mystery, the city of the ancients
Screaming out the wretched siren wail that she now bears
And I, with my role discarded in the wasteland
Coyly Babylon, she hardly cares

Master of her realm, she marches carelessly
This perverse Samaritan that she passes as her guise
And shimmering slightly in the mists of all the storm lands
Coyly Babylon, she spins her lies

My eyes, they see nothing my voice, it speaks less
My ears hearing nothing but the world while it turns
And she, pathetic more so than the one she’s now forsaken
Coyly Babylon, she never learns

earliest live performance: April 4th 2002