Deck's Stacked
written by: Jak Locke

from Passive Blue (April 5th 1999) (2:26)
I work at the paper where they pay on commission
And the way it drips out, making money is a vision
"We'll give you ten bucks for each article you do"
How many in a week can I submit? "Two"
Talkin to people that I'd never wanna meet
Killin hours til I'm beat walkin all over the street
It's time for my reward, 30 days is done
I made seventy-eight dollars at the end of this month
Maybe I can find a job workin with the man
That way I can watch him take the money out my hand
But I don't like to bitch, I got ambition so I think
This summer I'll go back to washin dishes in the sink

I tried for a job stackin boxes all day
I applied in December just to hear the boss say
"Try back in the summer", so I did and when I tried was told
All positions taken since 1995
Now the only thing worse than an unemployed slob
Is a stiff who blew his weekend on a twenty dollar job
Feelin like a punchline of a joke that isn't funny
Yeah I get it, time was made to trade for someone else's money

"Better go to college so that you can be considered"
Plenty people with degrees out there pickin up your litter
Get a major in whatever, end up workin at a place
Where the guy who got experience is yellin in your face
Have fun with all that, I'ma find a better way
Watch me shine with the dishes I'm about to clean all day
Yeah I'm tradin up y'all, and my dreams are comin true
While you're wishin I'll be washin makin minimum plus two
Plus two, that's seven dollars, fifteen cents
Maximum style now, aw yeah
I'll be gettin value meals, I'll be gettin
I'll be gettin second tier cigarettes
I'll be able to get Miller High Life instead of the Beast, ugh
Fuck yeah

never performed live