Internet Hangover
written by: Jak Locke

from Banjo: Number 3 (December 30th 2023) (1:30)
20th selfie this week from this gross mid-life crisis turd
You are so fucking boring
Arguing full-throated using celebrity's words
You are so fucking boring
Paragraphs of prose about your piss-shallow musings
You are so fucking boring
Still high off the latest hit of reacts you've been abusing
You are so fucking boring
Self-obsessed zero with nothing of your own to show
You are so fucking boring
Persona of memes and most of them fucking blow
You are so fucking fucking fucking fucking boring fucking boring
Haven't earned a fraction of the shit that you talk
Acting like a fucking guru, god you barely can walk
And you haven't figured out yet that you're not some beacon
You're a train wreck sideshow with gasoline leaking
The same "close friends" that feed the comments you suck on
All laugh behind your back at the stupid shit you're stuck on
Dramarrhea leak
Fuck your whole profile
Do you know how stupid you come off?
You fucking internet hangover

never performed live