I Won't
written by: Jak Locke

from Passive Blue (April 5th 1999) (1:53)
What is this love worth?
What is the price I pay?
Do you know all the things you do
What you get into saying "I love you"?
All of my future can't rest in another's hands
All that we've been through, the good and bad too
Just ain't enough to make me stay with you
I know I won't

What is this love worth?
All the time that I wasted with you
Everything that I would give
It cannot live if all I do is forgive
Things can’t be repaired, it’s far too late for that
I just want to let you know when I decide to go
You'll have reaped the seeds you sow
But I know I won't
I know I won't

earliest live performance: April 8th 2005