Laplace Jiu-jitsu Master
written by: Jak Locke

from Banjo: Number 3 (December 30th 2023) (0:59)
Did you hear about the Laplace jiu-jitsu master?
Some called him "Hot Brown", but that's another story entirely
He was the champion of Kenner's parking lot tournaments
Kenner, of course, being the Eastbank's Westbank
It was a hard nod life for "Hot Brown"
Until that fateful day he saw the flyer on the telephone pole
He texted the number and was told to meet at a warehouse
When he did that night, it was a very different thing he found indeed
Oh wait. This isn't the story of the Laplace jiu-jitsu master "Hot Brown"
It's the story of a guy with no critical thinking skills
Who ended his evening with a lot of foreign objects in his rectum
But also a level of internet fame that most of you would die to have
Sorry, I always get those mixed up.

never performed live