Meaning Is Overrated
written by: Jak Locke

from Dustpan Ballads of the Total Stoned Model Citizen (October 22nd 2001) (1:23)
I looked at the globe, Afghanistan leaped out
It looked at me, grew a mouth and started to shout
It said "Hey you, quit looking at me!
And while you're at it, go drown in the sea!"
Uh huh...

I went to the Wal-Mart, I went to the aisle
I went to the clerk and I gave her a smile
She talked to me nicely, she took all my cash
And then she kicked me out of the store on my ass!
Yeah yeah...

Well I pick up this box and I pull on the strings
It makes all sorts of sounds, makes me do weird things
I jump around, I kick everything
You want to know why? I don't know!

I asked for your name, I asked for your card
You told me to "go away just like God"
I said "what do you mean just like God?" You said "it's true,
He cares about the flowers more than he cares about you!"
No no...

never performed live