No Man's Street
written by: Jak Locke

from Rain Cabinet (February 23rd 2007) (1:57)
The city roads are full of dust wet from the skies that sob
In decay grey and drainpipe white the stars stain the doorknob
The spires smile like jaws where I lay trudging in the throat
Some screaming titan nightmare lost to the epitaph it wrote
Vengeance wears a crown of rabid desire today
Its scepter intertwined with starving passion and decay
There's trust and anguish all along the sexless avenue
Insatiable for me like I'm insatiable for you

On checkered decks the glow of saints betrays the devil choir
Where cynicism and idealism clash in stacks of fire
Behind, the dead abandon of the souls who have no names
Ahead, the scene depressingly appears to be the same
We'll write an epic tragedy and score it with our wails
This train's already steaming on, too late to change the rails

never performed live