written by: Jak Locke

from 200 Proof: Wait, What (September 30th 1997) (1:51)
Wiracocha is his name, he likes to have some fun
He spreads his stuff around, gets it on everyone
And when he's around it just makes him feel so really good
He lets him do the things that the others only wish they could

Oh yeah, Atahualpa's dead
Eldorado tries to find him but he finds instead

He makes sure to praise that Wiracocha everyday
He worships him in his unique appropriate way
It seems his tank is always full, oh yeah, it never dries
Yeah he does his ritual but never before mortal eyes

And when the sun goes down, that's when the fun begins
It's fun to do the ceremony even if it's sins

Wiracocha's meditating once again it's true
He's really flashy and besides he is an Inca too
The others think he's really strange as he sits here at home
He'll probe his mind until he's found ways not to be alone

Oh yeah, here's where the fun begins
Eldorado tries to find it but it's deep within

never performed live