Screw Driver
written by: Jak Locke

from CBGM Is In: All The Demos (February 2nd 2006) (3:14)
Hello what's this a spark of interest
It seems she finally noticed me
I'll be, she acknowledged my existence
I guess I should be real happy
Leave it to me to kill it, complete before it has begun
Somewhere up there wills it that I not have anyone

Hey look it's Brandi standing with her friends
I'm sure that we will last a while
Ha wrong again she's found another love
And people ask why I don't smile
But it's not unexpected as I drive out the lot
I'm used to being rejected, funny all my friends are not

Nobody cares I don't care about that
Relieve yourself on my feelings
Just remember one day you'll be like me
Hope you're with one as understanding
Every single girl has said they just want to be my friend
Thanks but I think that I'll pass I got all of the friends I need

never performed live