Tool With Prop
written by: Jak Locke

from Jak Is A Four Letter Word: Side A (January 16th 2013) (1:33)
Hey look we're at a party
I'm the guy at the party
I got the guitar at the party
And I'll play it for you
Don't you wish you had the guitar
Be the guitar guy at the party
Well I'm that guy and you you're just you

Because I'm playing this guitar
Cuz I hope that they'll remember me
Whenever they talk about the party
That we're all at
Because I'm playing guitar
I'm gonna play it all night
And there's nothing you can do about it no there's not

Because all the girls gonna like me cuz I play guitar
Yes even your girlfriend's gonna like me cuz I'm playing guitar

Four chords all you need is four chords
Cept I'm only playing three

earliest live performance: April 4th 2013