written by: Jak Locke

from Brother Sisyphus (September 10th 2004) (4:31)
She got the mouth of a devil and the manners to match
She got a lowdown vibe so hard not to catch
She got the curves like a timepiece, she's playing the game
And she don't back down until you screamin her name
She wanna hear your voice baby tell it like it is
But only if you tellin it the way she thinks it is
She ain't got no time to kill
Ain't got no calls to bill
Ain't got no telephone
Ain't nothing all alone

She'll rock you sideways and love you inside out
She got a way with her hands that'll make you wanna shout
She got forty fingers or at least it felt that way
She take twenty-five months and make it feel like a day
She wanna get you down baby drag you in the dirt
But only if she knows that it's gonna hurt
She got plenty pain to spare
She got no need to care
She got a thousand just like you
She gonna use you til you through

She wanna take your cash she wanna call you trash she wanna
Be your girl she wanna trash your world she wanna
Kiss your lips she wanna move her hips she wanna
Do it all she wanna drop your call
She wanna take you down baby kick you while you cry
But only if you tell her that without her you'd die
She got plenty souls to sing
She got thousand offering
She got a wallet full of bills
She got a tongue that give you chills

I gave that girl a call on the fourth of November
I was half expecting that she wouldn't remember
Well what she said then it knocked me off my seat
Exactly what it was I don't think I can repeat
And I said I know you baby and what you're all about
You can try me on for size or you can just walk out
Don't play me for a fool
I can't tell you what to do
But you better be careful
Or I'll do it and I'll do it to you

Well she took my checkbook and she scissored my face
She spilled my money all over the place
She love me wild, I still can't find my belt
Turned on the oven til it started to melt
She wanna rip you off baby kiss you while you swear
But only if you beg her to stay right there
She got a mind full of traps
She got a list full of saps
She got devilish eyes
She got a box full of lies

Well from what I hear she's back on the road
Tryin to find another man she can load
She got them Jezebel charms and that bad girl smile
She'll take you for a ride and leave you after a while
She wanna eat your soul baby do whatever it takes
But only if you tell her that it's for her your heart aches
She got inviting chains
She got twisted brains
She got a kiss full of bile
Watch out for her smile

earliest live performance: April 4th 2002